• Jaar:
  • Met:
    Peter Zegveld and Thijs van der Poll
  • Fotos:
    Wim Selles

 ‘I am always looking for something I am not sure I can find. As a human playing. Playing without purpose. Like children do so well.’ – Peter Zegveld

SCHERZO MECHANICA is a mechanical music piece, performed by two excentric operators. The setup consists of six music machines which are puffing, steaming and cracking. The musical compositions are interspersed with poetic moments. A visual experience of how sound is made. A constant buzz,  always something simmering, everything vibrates in a charming way. With his self-built mechanical instruments he leaves the world around us trembling.

SCHERZO MECHANICA is bookable from now on till the 15th of december 2013 and again beginning from march 2014.