• Jaar:
  • Met:
    Peter Zegveld
  • Script:
    Peter Zegveld
  • Regie:
    Dick Hauser en Marcel Sijm
  • Video:
    Mathieu van den Berk

SOLO ALONE- 16 en 17 APRIL 2016 – Ostade A’dam

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Visual theater with music, dance, shadow projection and text.

A man reflects on his life. Scenes that evoke melancholy, humor and wonder.

In Solo Alone, Zegveld returns to the basics: a man on stage telling a story, using all kinds of resources. Starting with the emptiness of the stage, with carefully chosen objects and projections, he builds illusions step by step only to destroy them again. The show explores different subplots which miraculously lead back to the main theme of the story. A rich array of theatredisciplines are used for surprising discoveries and narrative styles .

The scenes are a delicate symphony in which melancholy, inventiveness and wonderment sets the tone. Solo Alone is alternately hilarious, bizarre and sensitive.